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Rearsets on a motorcycle refer to the aftermarket footpeg mounts and associated controls for the gear shift and rear brake.

They are called “rearsets” because they typically position the rider’s feet further back and higher up compared to the standard footpeg locations, offering a more aggressive riding position.

This setup is preferred for sport riding and racing, as it allows for greater lean angles and better body positioning for performance riding.

Rearsets are adjustable in most cases, allowing riders to fine-tune their foot position for comfort, control, and efficiency. They often come with features such as folding foot pegs and adjustable levers to reduce the risk of damage during a fall.

Made from high-strength materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, rearsets are both lighter and stronger than the original equipment, contributing to the overall performance and aesthetics of the motorcycle.

Rear sets advantages for motorcycle riders

Motion Logics rear sets provide a number of advantages designed to enhance the motorcycle riding experience.

Key benefits include improved control and maneuverability, enhanced ergonomics, increased riding comfort, personalization options, and increased ground clearance. These rear sets allow for better weight distribution and cornering ability, enabling riders to navigate tight turns with greater precision.

Their adjustable nature allows for customization to fit the rider’s body type and riding style, helping to reduce fatigue over long rides.

Additionally, the increased ground clearance offered by these rear sets helps to prevent scraping during aggressive cornering, further improving safety and performance.

While specific product details for different motorcycle models, like the Suzuki GSXR1000 2009-2013 and Yamaha R1 2015-2023 rear sets, indicate a focus on compatibility and quality construction, the broader advantages outlined provide a good overview of what riders can expect from Motion Logics’ offerings.

These rearsets are designed with an emphasis on enhancing the rider’s control, comfort, and the bike’s overall performance​​.

For more detailed information on specific models and to explore the full range of Motion Logics rearsets, you can visit their product pages for the Suzuki GSXR1000 2009-2013​ (MotionLogix MotoComp)​ and the Yamaha R1 2015-2023​ (MotionLogix MotoComp)​.

Aggressive Riding Position

Rearsets position the rider’s feet higher and further back compared to standard footpegs.

This aggressive stance allows for better body positioning when cornering, enabling the rider to lean the bike more effectively.

By facilitating a more tucked-in riding posture, rearsets help reduce air resistance at high speeds, which is especially beneficial during racing or spirited riding.

Better Weight Distribution

By allowing the rider to adopt a more forward-leaning position, rearsets help distribute weight more evenly across the motorcycle. This balanced weight distribution is crucial for maintaining stability at high speeds and when cornering, as it ensures that both wheels maintain optimal traction.

Enhanced Lever Control

The gear shift and brake levers associated with rear sets are often adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune their position for more precise control. This customization ensures that the rider can engage the controls comfortably and efficiently, reducing reaction times and increasing overall maneuverability.

Increased Ground Clearance

Because rear sets are mounted higher than standard footpegs, they offer increased ground clearance. This allows riders to lean further into turns without the risk of the pegs touching the ground, which could potentially cause a loss of control.

Higher ground clearance is particularly advantageous on the racetrack, where maximizing lean angles is essential for fast cornering.

Material & Build Quality

Rearsets are typically made from high-strength materials like aluminum, which not only reduces their weight but also enhances their durability.

A lighter motorcycle is easier to maneouver, and durable controls ensure consistent performance under the stress of aggressive riding.

Feedback to the Rider

High-quality rearsets are designed to provide better feedback through the rider’s feet.

This tactile feedback is crucial for understanding the bike’s behavior, especially during high-speed maneuvers, and can inform the rider about traction levels and when to adjust their riding style accordingly.


In summary, the improved control and maneuverability provided by rear sets come from a combination of enhanced rider ergonomics, better motorcycle dynamics, and superior material quality.

These factors work together to offer a more connected and responsive riding experience, making rear sets a popular upgrade among performance-oriented riders and racers.

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