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Full Yamaha XS1100 Chain Drive Conversion


Introducing the XS1100 Chain Drive Conversion Kit:

  • Complete kit for transforming Yamaha XS1100 into a customized masterpiece.
  • Designed for enthusiasts seeking to customize their XS1100 into a vintage replica, café racer, custom chopper, or period race bike.
  • High-quality components ensure durability and reliability.
  • Kit includes fasteners to securely fix the cases.
  • Output shaft crafted from EN36A steel for optimal power transfer.
  • Billet inner and outer cases machined from aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Bearing cap ensures proper alignment and retention of bearings.
  • Circlips provide additional support by retaining the bearings and shaft in place.
  • Enables customization to recreate the style and performance of period race bikes.
  • Premium materials and meticulous engineering for longevity and enhanced performance.
  • Unleash your creativity and personalize your XS1100 with this versatile chain drive conversion kit.

Credit to Malcolm Pitman who has helped Nordon Pty. Ltd. engineer a XS1100 chain drive conversion based on Pitman's XS1100 chain drive conversion.
Pitman's chain drive conversion was developed for Greg Pretty's Yamaha XS1100 which he raced in 1981 and won the Coca-Cola 800 at Sydney's Oran Park Raceway.


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Installation Tips

Here are some tips for installing the XS1100 Chain Drive Kit, bearing in mind that customization and fabrication may be necessary:

  1. Swing Arm: The customer will need to manufacture a custom swing arm that can accommodate the chain drive system. Consider moving the swing arm pivot point forward to help optimize the squat angle for improved performance. The squat angle refers to the rear suspension’s tendency to compress under acceleration, effectively transferring weight to the rear wheel for enhanced traction and stability. 
  2. Spacers: Fabricate spacers to ensure proper spacing between the sprockets. These spacers will help align the front sprocket with the rear wheel. Take precise measurements and ensure the spacers are properly sized and positioned for optimal alignment. 
  3. Rear Wheel Selection: The customer should select a rear wheel that suits their specific project requirements, considering factors such as size, style, and compatibility with the chain drive conversion kit. 
  4. Front Sprocket: The customer has the option to use a 14-tooth front sprocket, which generally requires little to no modifications to the original cases. This allows for a straightforward installation without the need for extensive grinding or modifications. However, for serious racers seeking higher performance, a larger front sprocket, such as a 17-tooth sprocket, is often preferred. This may require additional modifications to the original cases to provide clearance. Sprocket clearance can be achieved by filling the web of the existing cases with an epoxy like Devcon or JB Weld and carefully machining the necessary clearance for the larger sprocket. 
  5. Chain Size: The XS1100 Chain Drive Kit is best suited for a 520 chain. It is recommended to use a chain of this size to ensure optimal compatibility and performance with the chain drive conversion kit. 

Output Shaft Nut:

    • Use the original nut from the output shaft.
    • Peen the nut properly and apply a medium-strength loctite or similar product during final assembly to prevent loosening.
    • If the nut is damaged, replace it with a new one (not included in the kit).
    • Use the OEM nut for a proper fit.

Please note that these tips are provided as guidelines. For detailed instructions and additional inspiration, we encourage you to visit our gallery, where you can find pictures of various customer modifications and installations. It is important to remember that the installation of the XS1100 Chain Drive Kit should be carried out by a competent person with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and successful installation.

Remember, these installation tips serve as guidelines, and it is essential for the customer to carefully plan, customize, and execute the necessary modifications to achieve a successful installation of the XS1100 Chain Drive Kit.

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