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Under slung brake caliper mount

Underslung rear brake calliper mounts have become increasingly popular among motorcycle enthusiasts due to the benefits they offer. Motionlogics Underslung Brake Caliper Mount is one such product that has gained attention in the market. This mount has a unique design that helps to improve the performance of the motorcycle’s brake system and makes it easier to do a wheel change.

One significant advantage of underslung rear brake calliper mounts, including the Motionlogics product, is that they help support the wheel while removing and fitting it. This support makes it easier and quicker to do a wheel change. Traditionally, when changing the wheel on a motorcycle, the brake caliper needs to be removed to access the wheel axle. With a traditional brake caliper mount positioned on top of the swing-arm, removing the caliper can be challenging, as it is attached to the swingarm, which moves with the wheel. This can make it challenging to remove and reinstall the wheel, leading to increased maintenance time and effort.

The Motionlogics Underslung Brake Caliper Mount is fixed to the chain adjuster, which is attached to the swingarm. This design allows the caliper mount to stay on the swingarm when removing the wheel, providing a clear path for removing and fitting the wheel. The caliper mount’s lower position also supports the wheel while it is removed, making the process more manageable and quicker. This feature can be particularly useful in racing situations where quick wheel changes can make a significant difference in a rider’s performance.

Another advantage of underslung rear brake calliper mounts is that they enhance the aesthetics of the motorcycle by providing a cleaner and more streamlined look. The Motionlogics product is no exception, with its sleek design and high-quality materials.

In conclusion, the Motionlogics Underslung Brake Caliper Mount offers several advantages when it comes to removing and fitting the wheel, including improved brake system performance, ease of maintenance, and enhanced aesthetics. The fixed design of the mount to the chain adjuster means that it stays on the swingarm when removing the wheel, making the process quicker and more manageable. If you’re looking to upgrade your motorcycle’s brake system and make wheel changes easier, the Motionlogics product is certainly worth considering

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