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Rear Wheel Captive Spacers

Motionlogics aftermarket captive spacers are an essential component of the wheel assembly on a motorcycle. They are specifically designed to maintain the existing wheel alignment specified by the manufacturer, ensuring the wheel stays in position during use.

These spacers are made from high-quality materials like steel or aircraft grade aluminum and are located on either side of the wheel hub. The captive design of the spacer ensures that it stays in place, even when the wheel is removed from the motorcycle.

In addition to maintaining proper alignment, Motionlogics captive spacers make wheel removal and fitting quicker and easier. They eliminate the need to manually hold the spacers in place, which can be difficult and time-consuming. This also reduces the chance of losing or dropping the spacers when fitting or removing the wheel.

In summary, Motionlogics aftermarket captive spacers play an important role in maintaining the manufacturer-specified wheel alignment on a motorcycle. They offer a reliable and high-performance option for motorcycle wheel assemblies, making wheel removal and fitting quicker and easier while reducing the chance of losing or dropping spacers. Motionlogics captive spacers are a great investment for motorcycle owners who want to ensure their wheels are properly aligned and functioning at their best.

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