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Motionlogics, is an Australian-based manufacturer of motorcycle components who specialises in the production of high-quality replacement components for your racing motorbike. Our brake lever guards are designed to enhance both safety and performance for motorcyclists.

These guards are designed for use in racing environments, where close encounters with other riders can pose a risk of accidental brake engagement.

Key Features and Design

The Motionlogics brake lever guard is engineered with a focus on versatility and robustness. It features an adjustable protective arm that can accommodate various styles of brake levers.

This adaptability is crucial for motorcyclists who use different bikes or who may change lever styles. The protective arm prevents unintended brake activation, essential during high-speed racing or in dense traffic.

Material and Construction

The lever guards are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they are both sturdy and lightweight. This balance is achieved by using durable materials that do not add unnecessary weight to the motorcycle, thereby maintaining optimal control and performance.

Specific Models and Compatibility

Motionlogics offers brake lever guards for a range of motorcycle models, ensuring that most riders can find a compatible option. Specific models include brake guards for

  • Honda CBR1000 and CBR600,
  • Kawasaki ZX series (ZX6, ZX7, ZX10).
  • Each model is tailored to fit the stock handlebars of these motorcycles, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.

Customer-Centric Approach

Manufactured in Edwardstown, South Australia, Motionlogics is committed to providing high-quality, Australian-made motorcycle components. The company emphasises its dedication to customer satisfaction through a robust product lineup and detailed product descriptions available on our website.

For motorcyclists looking to enhance their bike’s safety features, especially in competitive or crowded environments, the Motionlogics brake lever guard is a worthy investment.

It protects against accidental brake engagement and contributes to a more controlled and responsive riding experience.