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Fitting aftermarket adjustable rear sets to a racing motorcycle is a popular upgrade that can bring numerous benefits to the rider. Motionlogics is a well-known brand that provides high-quality adjustable rear sets designed specifically for racing motorcycles.

Benefits of aftermarket rear sets.

The benefits of fitting adjustable rear sets to a racing motorcycle are numerous, and the adjustability of these rear sets provides riders with even greater benefits. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Improved aerodynamics – The adjustable rear sets from Motionlogics allow riders to position their footpegs and controls in a way that enhances aerodynamics and reduces wind resistance. This can lead to faster speeds and improved stability, especially when cornering at high speeds.
  2. Greater control – By being able to adjust the position of the footpegs and controls, riders can achieve greater control over their motorcycles. This can result in more precise braking, accelerating, and shifting, which can be especially beneficial in races where every fraction of a second count.
  3. Increased comfort – Motionlogics adjustable rear sets are designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. By allowing riders to adjust the position of the footpegs and controls, they can maintain a more comfortable riding position for longer periods of time, reducing rider fatigue and improving overall performance.
  4. Customization – The adjustability of Motionlogics adjustable rear sets provides riders with the ability to customize their riding position to suit their individual preferences. This allows riders to fine-tune their motorcycles to match their riding style, which can lead to improved performance and a more enjoyable riding experience.
  5. The correct riding position for cornering – One of the critical benefits of adjustable rear sets is the ability to find the correct riding position for cornering. By adjusting the position of the footpegs and controls, riders can achieve a more aggressive riding position that allows them to lean further into corners. This can result in improved cornering speed and stability.
  6. Quality and durability – Motionlogics is known for its high-quality products, and its adjustable rear sets are no exception. They are designed to withstand the rigours of racing and provide riders with reliable performance for many races to come.

Excellent after-sales support

In addition to the benefits of fitting aftermarket adjustable rear sets, Motionlogics also offers excellent after-sales support, including a wide range of spare parts. This means that riders can easily replace any parts that may wear out or break, ensuring that their adjustable rear sets continue to perform at their best for many races to come.

Why you should fit after-market rear sets to your racing bike.

In conclusion, fitting aftermarket adjustable rear sets from Motionlogics can greatly enhance the performance and control of a racing motorcycle.

With the adjustability and after-sales support that Motionlogics provides, riders can be confident that they are making a wise investment that will bring numerous benefits to their racing experience, including the ability to find the correct riding position for cornering.


Why would you should buy MotionLogics rear sets

Motionlogics products are designed for non-compromise racing reliability:

  1. Dual bearings in levers
    Motionlogics rear sets are equipped with dual bearings in the levers, providing smooth and precise operation and reducing the risk of failure.
  2. Anodized for surface protection
    The rear sets are anodized to provide added protection against
    corrosion and wear, helping to extend the lifespan of the product.
  3. Adjustable to find a more suitable riding position: With adjustable positions, Motionlogics rear sets allow riders to find their ideal riding position, improving comfort and control on the motorcycle.
  4. Lightweight and durable Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, Motionlogics rear sets are lightweight yet strong and durable, offering reliable performance in even the toughest racing conditions.
  5. Excellent foot grip: The foot pegs feature an optimized design for maximum grip, ensuring that riders are able to maintain a secure footing even at high speeds or during aggressive riding.
  6. Hexagon machined toe peg for easy removal: The toe peg is hexagon machined for easy removal and maintenance, allowing riders to make quick and efficient adjustments to their rear sets as needed.
  7. CNC machined for accuracy: Motionlogics rear sets are CNC machined to ensure that each part fits together precisely and that each spare part you purchase will fit correctly.
  8. Wide range of spare parts available: Motionlogics offers a wide range of spare parts for their rear sets, providing riders with the peace of mind that they’ll be able to maintain their motorcycle’s performance for many races to come.

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