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Anyone who’s experienced the high-pressure environment of race pit stops knows the frustration that comes with changing the rear wheel of a Yamaha R1. It’s a race against time where every second counts.

The traditional method requires removing the brake caliper, a cumbersome and time-consuming process that can be the difference between first and second place.

Motionlogics Underslung Caliper Mount

Enter the Motionlogics Under Slung Brake Caliper Mount, a game-changing accessory designed for Yamaha R1 models from 2015 onwards. This innovative mount keeps the brake caliper attached to the swingarm, eliminating the need to remove it during wheel changes.

This means quicker, easier, and more efficient wheel swaps—a significant advantage on the track.


Significantly reduces the time needed for rear wheel changes, which means you ar more likely to make it to the winner’s podium.


Streamlines the rear wheel replacement process, reducing potential errors & frustrations.


Lowers the caliper position, enhancing the bike’s handling characteristics.


The Motionlogics Underslung Caliper mount is supplied with captive spacers and chain adjusters.

Shown here in its preliminary 3D modelling stage, the caliper mount has been proven in the Australian Superbike Championships (ASBK).

For racers looking to shave precious seconds off their pit stops, upgrading to a Motionlogics Under Slung Brake Caliper Mount can provide a crucial edge. Discover more about this essential racing component.

Moto Maniaako shows how much work it takes to remove a rear wheel.
Sure, he makes it look easy, but imagine doing that in the pits…